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Calm Moments - Menthol Shower Steamers

Calm Moments - Menthol Shower Steamers

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Calm Moments is a cozy, herbal tea-like blend of sharp, fresh lavender, and calming, soft chamomile. This blend is home - it's comforting and cozy to me. My grandmother would say that “Té de manzanilla es como un calmante natural y bueno para el sueño.” (Chamomile tea is like a natural calming and good for sleep.). I decided to pair this soft beauty with a vivid flowering plant associated with the mint family known as lavender.

Lavender & Chamomile are calming herbs for me & are traditionally known to help relieve stress and anxiety as well as soothe the mind into a restful sleep.


Steamer description:

Turn your shower into a spa-like experience. Menthol infused shower steamers are the ultimate go-to solution for nasal congestion, sinus relief and a mood boost! It’s time to breathe easy & feel your BEST again!

Place one tablet on the shower floor outside of the direct stream of water (Prevent it from being submerged). sprinkle a bit of water over your tablet. For best results use hot water, breathe deeply... And enjoy!

Sigh of Relief - 7 (1.3 oz) - Tablets Per Jar

Warning: Not for use on skin! Do not use in a bath. Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Ingredient Label: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Kaolin clay, Menthol crystals, essential oils, Fragrance and Polysorbate 80.

Q: So What Are Shower Steamers?

A: Easy, its a bathless bath bomb! When wet, they bubble up and release menthol vapor into the air, creating a relaxing steam room effect.

Q: Where do you put shower steamers?

A: On the shower floor and away from the stream (do not submerge the shower steamer.).

Q: Are shower steamers messy?

A: SoyMurga shower steamers are formulated to be mess-free, meaning they leave no gritty or slippery residue on your shower floor.

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